Catering & Halls
Put-in-Bay Yacht Club--419-285-4505
The Crew's Nest--419-285-3625
Put-in-Bay Brewing Co.--419-285-HOPS

Tables & Chairs
Put-in-Bay Yacht Club--419-285-4505

Put-in-Bay Studios--419-285-2306

Village Bakery (closed during winter)--419-285-5351
Connie's Wedding Cakes

Kerry Burris--419-285-2010

Massage, Nails, Facial
Freshwater Retreat--419-366-1036

Put-in-Bay Taxi--419-285-6161
Island Tour Train (can rent for a large number of guests) 419-285-4855

Marriage License:

Ohio no longer requires a blood test and there is no waiting period, but there are restrictions on age, closeness of kinship between the couple, prior marriages being dissolved and where you must purchase your Marriage License. For information on Ohio Marriage Laws, click on the link. Ohio also does not require witnesses to the marriage.

Ohio residents may purchase their Marriage License at their county's courthouse. Out of state residents must purchase their Marriage Licenses at the Ottawa County Courthouse in Port Clinton, OH. Put-in-Bay is located in Ottawa County and that is why non-Ohio residents are required to purchase their license here.

The Ottawa County Courthouse is located at 315 Madison Street,  in Port Clinton, OH 43452. You can reach the Probate Court Clerk at 419-734-6830. The office is on the third floor and is open 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

       Applying for a license

Both individuals must apply for their Marriage License together. The Probate Court requires you to identify yourself.  Take your Birth Certificate and a form of government issued identification such as a drivers license, visa, passport or state issued ID. Make sure you know your social security numbers.

You do not have to be a resident of Ohio, but if you are not a resident, you must get married in the county where the license is obtained. If you are an Ohio resident then at least one of you must be a resident of the county in which you are applying. Ohio residents may use the license anywhere in the state. All licenses are valid for 60 days.

The Ohio Revised Code statue 3101.05 requires that any applicant for a marriage license who is a minor must provide proof of having had marriage counseling prior to applying for the license. The counseling can be provided by clergy or a person licensed by the State of Ohio to provide counseling. Proof of counseling may be in the form of a letter to the Court from the person who provided the counseling on his or her letterhead.

Previously married individuals need to bring a certified copy of his/her divorce decree or a copy of a deceased spouse's death certificate.

Marriage License fees are about $50, but could be more or less depending on the county. Payment must be made in cash, although some Ohio counties will accept a Money Order. Contact the Ottawa County Courthouse at 419-734-6830 for more information.

Common Law Marriages are no longer recognized by the State of Ohio unless the couple entered into a common law marriage before October 10, 1991.

Click here to find the marriage license contact for your county.

Planning a day visit:

It is not impracticable to plan a day visit to Put-in-Bay to get married, especially if it is just the couple or the couple and a few friends and/or family. There are several very nice public spots to get married, including the Gazebo in DeRivera Park which overlooks the downtown harbor.

We have married couples who have come to the island in casual attire and brought along a camcorder to record their ceremony. We have also married couples who have brought along a few friends, or their children from previous unions, and have had a nice ceremony in the park.

If you do plan to change clothes however, you need to plan ahead if you are not planning to stay overnight. There is a bathhouse in the park where you can change. Many of the island gift shops sell film and disposable cameras, but no one carries digital camera media and no one we are a aware of sells video tape.

We suggest you make a checklist of everything you will need for the day and then pack accordingly. Do not assume you will be able to pick up any last minute items on the island. For example, the island does not have a pharmacy. The grocery store carries over the counter products, but does not carry a line of make up products.





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