Obviously there are many questions you need to answer in order to plan your Wedding Day. Having your wedding on an island involves answering even more questions.

Besides getting your Marriage License and finding someone to conduct the ceremony, there are questions about travel, lodging and venues.

The first question is how big will your wedding be? Just the two of you, eloping and hoping for a romantic island wedding, or will you have bridesmaids, groomsmen and lots of wedding guests?

A simple Island Wedding for just the two of you is obviously easier to arrange than a formal wedding with eight attendants and 250 guests, but the larger wedding can also be accomplished with a minimal amount of stress.

Whether you're looking for information on a simple Island Wedding for the two of you, or for a large wedding with lots of guests, Put-in-Bay can accommodate you and your wedding plans.

If you you are considering using our services for your Island Wedding, the first thing we will do is send a Wedding Fact Sheet to gather information about the two of you. Suggested island businesses that provide transportation, accommodations, catering and event planning services, etc, can be found at the Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce's free downloadable Put in BayIsland Visitor Guide.

We like to meet with you personally and go over your ideas for the wedding ceremony, although this exchange can take place over the telephone and/or through email.

If you have family and guests attending your wedding during peak tourist season, we advise you to urge them to take an earlier ferry than the one just before your service. During the bust summer months the ferries fill quickly and it is not unusual to wait for two or three boats which translates into an hour or two delay in reaching the island. Wedding cannot be delayed as there may two or more weddings scheduled in one day.

If you plan to have a simple ceremony involving just the two of you, we can provide you with any of the sample ceremonies you will see listed here under Sample Ceremonies, or you can customize your wedding ceremony.

Your Island Wedding is your special day and we can create a wedding ceremony that reflects the two of you. Some couples borrow ideas from several different ceremonies to make their ceremony unique. We can help you write your vows, give a special blessing and suggest special readings and/or music.

We also have samples of different portions of the ceremony, such as the Opening, Exchange of Vows, Exchange of Rings, etc. that we have separated from the entire ceremony so you can pick and chose what you'd like to include in your ceremony.

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