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In order to learn about the two of you and to get an idea of what type of ceremony you'd like for your wedding, we ask you to complete a Wedding Fact Sheet.

The complete questionnaire is shown below. Click on the Wedding Fact Sheet Page 1 and Page to open an Acrobat Pdf of the Wedding Fact Sheet that you can download and print on your home printer. You can then mail the complete form to Island Wedding Services, P.O. Box 27 Put-in-Bay, OH 43456.

Wedding Fact Sheet

                      First        Middle      Last

Address ___________________________________________________
                            Street                                                   Apt. or Box No.

                         City                             State                                    Zip

Phone _____________________________________________________
              Home                           Work                                             Cell

E-mail Address _____________________ Age _____________________

Groom ____________________________________________________
                           First                  Middle               Last

Address __________________________________________________
                 Street                                                         Apt. or Box No.

                  City                                State                                              Zip
Phone ______________________________________________________
                    Home                              Work                                          Cell

E-mail Address_______________________ Age ___________________

Information about you

How and where did you meet ? _________________________________


How long have you known each other ?_________________________

Do one or both of you have children? ____Who, and how many children?


Will the children be included in the wedding service ? _____ If so, in what


Are either one of you widowed/ divorced ? If divorced, who and what are the

 dates of divorce (s) ?___________________________________________

The Wedding

Date of Wedding _______________________Time_______________

Address or place the wedding will be held?__________________________

Any specific directions or area involved?___________________________

Will your wedding require a rehearsal the day before the ceremony? _________
If so, time of rehearsal ? ______________.

Bride and Groom only? _______ Wedding Party?_____________

If there is a wedding party, number of bridesmaids ? ____________

Number of Groomsmen?________ Any others involved?__________

If so, who ?________________How will they be involved? ___________


Will anyone be giving the bride away ? ___________________________

During the ceremony, how do you wish to be addressed? (For example, Mike instead if Michael or Sandy instead of Sandra, etc.)


Type of Ceremony, civil or religious? _________________________
(Ceremony to be discussed with Chaplain. )

Are there any special wishes that you have about the ceremony?__________________________________________________


* Be certain to bring your Marriage License with you, as the ceremony cannot be preformed without it!

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