There are as many different wedding ceremonies as there are couples getting married. Each ceremony can be individualized for your wedding. Couples sometimes write their own vows, or they write something they want to say to each other or to those gathered around them.

We will work with you to write a ceremony as individual as you are. This is a special occasion and we can help make it one of a kind.

The first place to start is to review the Traditional Order of Service which explains the different aspects of the Wedding Ceremony, such as the Statement of Purpose, Opening Prayer, Charge to the Couple, Declaration of Consent, Presentation of the Bride, Exchange of Vows, Exchange of Rings, Pronouncement or Declaration, Wedding Prayer, Blessing, Presentation of the Couple Newly Married.

The Order of Service breaks down the ceremony. You can eliminate or expand on each area as you like. If you are not interested in customizing your ceremony, and would just like to view different types of ceremonies available, click on the links below to view the different ceremonies we offer.

Traditional Order of Service: Discusses the traditional order and components of a traditional wedding ceremony.
Suggested Spiritual Readings: Religious excepts for inclusion in your wedding ceremony.
Suggested Romantic Readings: Romantic poetry and lyrics for inclusion in your wedding ceremony.
Suggested Music: Traditional and conventional music for the different aspects of your Wedding ceremony.
Origins of Traditions: Find out how some of our ethnic and religious wedding traditions were started.
Wedding Questions: The Unity Candle, seating order, processional, etc.
Before You Say "I do.": Eight Marriage Pitfalls. Discuss this prior to getting married to share points of view on this eight marriage issues.

Civil Ceremony: We had two examples of Civil Wedding Ceremonies. These ceremonies are non-religious and used a great deal.
Religious Ceremony: There are many Religious Wedding Ceremonies. This one is a common ceremony that is very beautiful.
Secular Ceremony: One which is not indicative of any particular religion.
Secular Ceremony II: A second example of a non-secular service.
Interfaith Ceremony: A wedding ceremony for a marriage between the Christian and Jewish faiths.
Commitment Ceremony: Commitment and/or union ceremonies. This service can also be used for a wedding.
Renewal of Vows: Renewing your wedding vows can be a special occasion.

We have also included examples of several "Romantic Wedding Services."

When Love Beckons
May This Day Shine Eternally
Welcome to the Celebration
Witness and Share the Joy
Enter Days of Togetherness

If you would like to start from scratch, this is the general order of a wedding ceremony. But keep in mind it is your wedding and you can plan your ceremony however you wish.

Statement of Purpose
Opening Prayer
Charge to the Couple
Declaration of Consent
Presentation of the Bride
Exchange of Vows
Exchange of Rings
Pronouncement or Declaration
Wedding Prayer
Presentation of the Couple








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